Sailor Moon: The Missing Truth
Sailor Moon: The Missing Truth

This is the index page for Sailor Moon: The Missing Truth....Written by Michelle, Cheryl, Meeshy, and Aeris

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Here is our story:

We decided that the cuts made by DiC were bigger than people realized.... even the cuts made when converting manga to anime! So, we decided to tell the world what was really going on in Sailor Moon... (Michelle: To make it clear: THESE EPISODES DID NOT REALLY HAPPEN. This is a fanfic, only a story by a group of fans who had nothing better to do and turned to putting evil insanity into their writing...)

These episodes are re-writes of Sailormoon and are meant to be hilariously funny. But don't blame us if they're not perfect; we're not professionals, you know! ::sigh:: All the episodes are in the coming, so be patient.... any support, comments, and ideas would be welcome. Just don't criticize us too much... constructive criticism, yes, but we give eachother enough criticism just for fun. ^_^;>

The Japanese names are being used because we are also working on the later Japanese seasons that had not yet been released. Sorry, but we don't plan on doing SuperS for a looong time, though...^^; (Cheryl: But I wanna see Stars!) (Michelle & Meeshy: SHUT UP!)

We're probably going to do all the writing ourselves.... (yes, we're greedy little brats, I'm sure.... -Cheryl) Please don't use our most insane ideas in your fanfics.... this is a controlled spread of insanity, and uncontrolled insanity can lead to net censorship in the name of public safety and health.... ^_^ If you do decide to use our ideas, there's something called copyright laws... we're going to steal your energy, shatter your dream mirrors, and steal your star seeds! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (::evil laughter::)

Important Updates and Notes

Last update:

It's been quite a while since we've posted anything, and yes, we do try to work on SM:TMT... it's just that Real Life does have quite an impact on us (esp. since we authors are working on getting into college!!) So all I (Cheryl) say this on behalf of us of SM:TMT: Yes, we're still alive. Look for some changes upcoming soon, although they'll be random between exams. Ja ne! ^_^

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In case you haven't noticed by now, most of the authors' comments are like (...-name)or (name:...). We'd really appreciate it if people could give us support- if it's good, tell us! We get really sad and depressed without a continuous flow of compliments. (NOT!!! -Cheryl) and it's nice to hear some positive input even if they're lies.... (Meeshy: ^_^;) so drop us a note every now and then. Tell us how we're doing. In fact, you can send us one right here, without using an e-mail address. (These are probably the last sane words you're going to find on this website, so enjoy it while you can... -Cheryl)

Credits, comments, ect.

Sailor Moon was not created by us (duh) but by the creator of Sailor Moon and patron goddess of all SM fanfic writers, Naoko Takeuchi. Any other characters we may use that are from other anime or... (er, um... sorry for the give-away, people!) were most likely not created by us... hmmm, maybe we'll tell you if we do add ourselves to it for fun... if we feel like it... ^_^

This page was created 5/17/97 and is maintained by Cheryl, Michelle, Meeshy, and Aeris. Comments, suggestions, criticisms? We basically work together and share ideas, but we each write an episode most of the time... E-mail us.(Michelle: Again... ^_^)
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